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John has new weapons, including holy water, bait for the undead, and a blunderbuss that uses zombie parts as ammunition.

Neuheiten, Bestseller, Bildung

The player can use a combination of these skills to defeat hordes of reanimated humans, who stop only once their heads explode. For example, John can bait a group to an area to set off a bomb, use the time-slowing Dead Eye mode to shoot each in the head, [1] or eliminate enemies from a roof because zombies cannot climb. Undead Nightmare removes the traditional fast travel features of the base game, and this encourages the player to use settlements to store their caravan.

John rides undead horses in Undead Nightmare , which he can summon by whistling. Four mythical horses—the four horses of the apocalypse—with faster abilities are scattered throughout the game for the player to find, tame, and ride.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare - Full Game Walkthrough in 4K [Xbox One X Enhanced]

Players must open coffins between waves to replenish a countdown timer, which discourages players from camping in the same location. It is also designed so as to encourage cooperation such that players can revive each other if nearby. In Land Grab, players attempt to secure seven areas across the game's environment.

While players with the base game can join in Land Grab games, only Undead Nightmare owners can initiate them. One night at Beecher's Hope, a storm is raging and Uncle has not returned. Later he comes back zombified and bites Abigail, who then bites Jack.

The Zombie Chronicles - Book 4 - Poisonous Serum

John kills Uncle and ties up the infected Abigail and Jack. He finds that a virus has spread across the world, causing the dead to reanimate. Looking for a doctor, he rides to Blackwater, where it is supposedly abandoned. He meets Harold Macdougal who has returned from Yale, but he is killed by an undead Nastas. John liberates Blackwater from the Undead and discovers that there are three possible causes of the plague: the Mexicans, Nigel West Dickens or Seth Briars.

Subsequent to talking to both men, neither men know what caused the outbreak. It leaves Mexico as the only lead left, apparently in a better condition to America. After obtaining an army uniform, he enters Mexico, which is actually worse than America's circumstances. A nun tells John that Reyes could be responsible and John and heads to kill him.

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He kills the undead Reyes and is informed by a girl that the virus happened because Reyes destroyed numerous tombs and stole an aztec mask, creating chaos and bringing the dead to life. They go down to the tombs and return the mask. John arrives home to see Jack and Abigail cured. Months later, after John's death, as of Seth stealing the mask and again unleashing the dead, John rises from his grave. Being buried with holy water he is a revenant and keep possession of his soul and the ability to use weapons. Following the release of the base game, Rockstar San Diego prepared and released a series of downloadable content packs, of which Undead Nightmare was one.

After finding success, Rockstar wanted to make more content in keeping with the game's atmosphere. The team balanced the "inherently ridiculous" zombie concept with their horror aspects and some self-aware humor. They relied on the backstory of the universe's characters and popular associations with the American countryside to build the narrative's emotional content.

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In the game's canon, the Undead Nightmare scenario fits in the time between when John Marston returns home and the end of the base game, though the expansion's events do not cross the main story in any way. Rockstar found a match in the Red Dead Redemption universe for their long-standing aim to create a zombie game. In lieu of making a new intellectual property for such a game, Rockstar instead wanted players to see how a zombie outbreak affected a world already familiar to them.

The company thought that this would make the zombie trope more interesting. Rockstar also saw similar "cinematic heritage" between the Western and zombie horror genres. The team used the analogy of a s film set to explain their ambitions—that Undead Nightmare in the Red Dead Redemption universe would feel like its characters filming a "serious, revisionist Western" by day and a "somewhat insane horror movie" with the same cast and set by night.

Following its experience with Grand Theft Auto IV 's downloadable content packs, Rockstar wanted its add-on packs to be a separate story with possible overlaps rather than a continuation of the main story. Rockstar vice president of creative Dan Houser described several reasons for not using the Grand Theft Auto universe for the zombie release: 1 that Red Dead 's shooting mechanics, including its slow-motion Dead Eye feature, were a better fit for zombie headshots, 2 that zombies were a better fit for the Great Plains landscape, more reminiscent of a s horror film, and 3 that John's character was a better fit for hunting zombies than the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto games.

Houser said that reviews of the base game had little impact on the development of Undead Nightmare , though the team used the smaller downloadable content packs and patches to add features that others wanted in the main game. Rockstar's Dan Houser said that the team was satisfied with their results and how the Red Dead Redemption world and zombie theme supplemented each other's context and depth.

A standalone retail disc release of Undead Nightmare followed in late November Undead Nightmare received "generally favorable" reviews, according to review aggregator website Metacritic , [13] [14] and was named among the best downloadable content of the year.

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  8. As a continuation, " Red Dead Redemption 's elegiac tone knits incredibly well with [its expansion's] arch Gothic horror", wrote Dan Whitehead Eurogamer. The expansion's script, he wrote, understood the spirit of its characters and balanced sardonicism and honest pathos. Whitehead felt that its nuanced treatment of John Marston made him "one of gaming's great characters". On the other hand, Whitehead considered the expansion's mission design lackluster and complained of too many quests in which the player fetches items for other people and traveling between points only to initiate cutscenes.

    Reviewers noted the amount of work Rockstar put into the expansion's production.

    The reviewer compared the game's reinvigoration to that of the download content created for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. Critics reported that players rarely need to use Undead Nightmare 's new weapons. The zombies, without guns, cover, horses, lack the complexities of cowboys and, apart from some of the special zombie types, are only a threat at short distances.

    The reviewer found little variation between weapons when firing at close range, which is more effective than aiming at a distance. The fun of the new guns quickly faded for the critic, who found little incentive to use traditional gunfight strategies.

    The Zombie Chronicles Series

    Thus the player is forced into the technique of backtracking and turning to use the time-slowing Dead Eye mode to clear zombies with headshots. While the idea of zombie animals scared Whitehead, he was both relieved and disappointed to find that bears and cougars, like the humans, died with a single bullet. Eurogamer noted the annoyance of returning to defend over 20 towns each with recurring zombie problems, but said that the game mechanic is never too bothersome and even appreciated its element of time management, similar to that of the Dead Rising game series.

    Critics praised Undead Nightmare as a model for downloadable content [1] [4] especially in its balance of content and price. No sales figures were released regarding the download pack itself.

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    Be first to review book. Three siblings fight to survive in a zombie infested world. When they get caught in a flood durin This is the longest book in The Zombie Chronicles at nearly 80, words. Blurb: My name is Dean Not suitable for younger audiences. This is a young adult horror book. When the gang is forced t When a deluded scientist, a crazy gang leader, and Max all butt heads, chaos is bound to arise.

    This is book 8. Deans continues to fight in the land of the undead. Armed with the vials and pr This is book 9.