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Good, because I have more!

Whipped Man

Keep reading! I've bonded with so many people over this book! Accidental roommate romance with super sweet and hot kink discovery and exploration between a nerd and a jock. So many of my favorite things!

So, what if the sub was older and the dom was younger? What if the sub was an art teacher and the dom was his high school student? This one is only available on Smashwords. A strict, controlling kinkster hires a bratty bartender whose life is a mess. What does he need? Say it with me, peeps. A firm hand. Jane Davitt is amazing, and a lot of her older books are free right now via AO3! A kinky fetish photographer meets a down on his luck model who could use some guidance. You know what that means.

Lots of kinky experimentation, and a bit of angst. This super serious dom is definitely not interested in the inexperienced bratty sub who's stalking him This book is all kinds of messed up and kinky AF. Only available thru Payhip. You might know T.

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Chris as Tanya Chris, where she writes sometimes kinky romance novels, but my fave of hers is still this gem. Teenage kink exploration with a side of that forcing-the-authority-figure's-hand kinktrope I love so much. Sam is drifting, grieving, confused, and spinning his wheels in a dead end life. Then he meets Mitch, a hot trucker who offers to take him away from it all. Cue the kinkiest road trip of all time and a legendary HEA. Mind there is a threesome if that's not your thing. I know it seems improbable, but I do have a few!

So, here are some non-kinky books that kicked me right in the chest with the feels. If there's anyone left who hasn't read this, I envy you. This book is my go-to comfort reread. It's one of those chameleon stories that will always deliver the feels I need, no matter my mood. Tom's life is, well, shit.

He's broke, alone, lost, totally unmoored, and doesn't belong anywhere.

Marquis de Sade - Wikipedia

His asshole roommate tries to scare him off with some late night hookups, but it has the opposite result I say this is non-kinky, but holy smokes, the voyeurism! You know those books that are super long and you still wish they were ten times longer because you never want them to end? This book.

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Grant is scraping his way through high school hiding his extreme poverty and unsafe living conditions. Casey is coasting in a pretty privileged lifestyle. They butt heads. They hate each other. For the film, see De Sade film. French novelist and philosopher. Paris , Kingdom of France. Charenton , Val-de-Marne , France. Voltaire , Rousseau , Spinoza , Radcliffe , Diderot. Topics and concepts. Principal concerns. Main article: Marquis de Sade in popular culture.

Whipped (Brought to his Knees anthology)

Further information: Marquis de Sade bibliography. France portal Biography portal. Seaver, Richard ed. Letters from Prison. New York: Arcade Publishing. Smithsonian Magazine. Retrieved 25 January The Independent.

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David Sinclair: "Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To" - Talks at Google

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